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Uploading again :)

2015-03-16 12:42:21 by XJMatt

I left a few old tracks up on here from the 2007 - 2008 days, some alright and one or two i wish i hadnt done! But the feeback was brilliant back then and thats what kept me going , ever since i moved over to soundcloud and other sites music making just kinda....exploded!

Listening back to those old tracks made me realise how far i've come from eratic track making to more structured songs.

So, lets see what i can bring to newgrounds this year.



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2015-04-04 20:38:23

Yo man, I really miss your song "Pressure (house n Breaks)" from 2007, I haven't heard it in years. I used to own a copy buy my PC crashed and I lost it. You wouldn't happen to be interested in reuploading it would you?

XJMatt responds:


I'll have to dig around old backups, I'm sure i still have it :)


2015-04-28 20:07:31

Fantastic! I can't wait! That was my favorite song from you! That's greatly appreciated man!


2015-05-17 08:51:40

Hey man, it's been a couple weeks, did you find it?